Transaction Support & Advisory Services

Internal growth operations

We contribute to each step of the acquisition process, providing an in-depth analysis of the economic and financial aspects of the transaction: buy-side due diligence, market studies, preparation of the business plan, evaluations, support in the negotiation of contractual conditions, integration process of the target and management of post-acquisition situations.


Sale of a company, business unit or assets

As part of a sale transaction, we work first to identify the risks and opportunities of the project, and then conduct the necessary economic and financial analyzes: definition of the disposal perimeter (corporate or carve out), historical analyzes, critical analysis or preparation of business plans and preparation of vendor due diligence. We can also support you during the divestiture process and work with you to manage the information to be provided to potential buyers.


Merger & Acquisition

We guarantee assistance throughout all stages of the process, up to the closing of the transaction, managing all the other actors involved (lawyers, auditors, accountants, business consultants, counterpart consultants). Special care will be given to the negotiation phase, in order to maximize the result for the client and ensure maximum confidentiality. We support you in complex financial transactions, optimizing the relationships between equity, debt and hybrid financial instruments, such as the mezzanine.


Financial control of a company, business unit or assets

We help companies to enhance control over their activities, including the assessment of subsidiaries and the analysis of the operational and business risks associated with them. If the business difficulties, we can also carry out a detailed diagnosis of the situation and develop a reorganization plan with you (restructuring, sale) and help you to implement it.


Economic and financial aspects of a dispute

By working closely with our client’s lawyers and legal department, we can assist you in analyzing the economic, accounting and financial aspects of an acquisition contract and / or any post-acquisition disputes.


Complex projects

Wherethe structuring of an operation requires special and complex financial expertise, we provide specialist assistance, such as long-term job order analysis, modeling, lease-back or asset financing, guarantees and pledges, outsourcing.

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