Debt Advisory e Asseverazioni ex L.F. 

Diagnosis of an underperforming activity

We analyze the financial situation of the business, its market and its prospects, in order to understand the nature and extent of the difficulties.


Independent review of the financial situation

In the context with the banking system, we can support you by conducting an Independent Business Review. These comprehensive diagnoses of the historical and forecast financial situation enable management and banks to understand the causes of the crisis and define the basis for a renegotiation of the financing conditions.


Assistance to the management and ownership of a company in difficulty

We can assist management in understanding the causes of the corporate crisis through an independent diagnosis of the historical, current and prospective situation. We provide assistance in finding possible solutions and help make decisions in unclear and rapidly changing crisis contexts.


Assistance in managing liquidity crises and negotiating with the banking system

We support management in addressing the delicate stages of a financial crisismoving towards a liquidity crisis. We set up short-term financial monitoring systems, such as 13-week Short Term Cash Flow and headroom reconstruction. Subsequently, we support you in preparing the multi-year Business Plan and the Maneuver to be proposed to the bank creditors for debt restructuring according with the provisions of the Bankruptcy Law (art. 67 and 182).


Business monitoring activity after financial restructuring

On behalf of the banking class or onthe initiative of management, we periodically monitor the Company’s activity of the main business indicators (Business Monitoring Tools) in order to give support to management and creditors regarding the achievement of the expected financial and income objectives set out in the Business Plan.


Sworn translations

In Epyon there are professionals with the legal requirements for conductiong Sworn Certifications as required by art. 67 LF (chartered accountants and auditors enrolled in the Register). Epyon’s associates have a wide range of experience in international auditing firms (“Big Four”) and have the necessary knowledge of “auditing” and business plan review.

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