Auditing and accounting assistance

auditing and accounting assistance


The audit requires the support of qualified specialists in order to respond to questions in the most areasof financial statements and processes. The audit procedures include the analysis of the financial statements, identification of the significant accounts and processes that support them and the identification of the risk.

In this area, Epyon is able to provide youadded value, not only on accounting and budget issues but also on the control of company risks and on the management processes that characterize the life of the company through a constant presence of the associate. The Epyon team is entirely composed of professionals enrolled in the Register of Auditors with a consolidated experience in this sector.


Internal Audit

The Epyon team has the skills and experience to be your trusted internal audit team, thanks to in-depth knowledge of your company’s accounting processes and regulatory aspects of reference.


Agreed Procedures

Epyon has a consolidated experience in planning and carrying out the so-called Agreed Upon Procedures or Agreed Procedures, at the service of Companies that need to have an expert professional to conduct specific accounting verification procedures, in order to obtain highconfidence on the reliability of one or more balance sheet items.

The agreed procedures are often applied in company acquisition processes, where an adjustment to the price is to be defined, or in the case of obligation to comply with certain economic-financial Ratios established contractually between the parties.

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