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Epyon firmly believes in the growth of its professionals. To do this, it promotes a challenging and dynamic work environment, where everyone can develop their own potential. We want that our professionals can achieve an excellent level of preparation, therefore we put in place a training system focused on several topics.


Learning on the job

Epyon professionals are people who can work as a team. And a team can give its best trying to create harmony and achieving its objective as efficiently as possible.

The teamwork also allows to receive, from more experienced colleagues, a continuous “learning on the job”: the project manager assigns specific tasks to team members, ensures their completion and monitors regularly their performance suggesting alternative solutions in order to increase the skills of each team member.

In addition, the younger team members are involved in meetings with customers or counterparties in order to make these moments a great learning opportunity. Teamwork also enables the development of interpersonal, management and communication skills with customers, colleagues and counterparts.


Training courses

Epyon holds regular internal training courses, dedicated to the less experienced resources and focused on specific issues. In addition, we organize seminars for the professional training of companies’ personnel with the participation of outside professionals and Epyon. We also encourage our professionals to participate in training external courses, conferences and seminars.


Practical training for chartered accountants

Our new recruits join a process of tutoring aimed at the completion of the practical training for certified public accountant.

If you are interested and think you fit the profile of candidates that we seek, please send a brief cover letter with your CV attached, complete with relevant final exams


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