The Epyon brand was born at the beginning of 2011 when Epyon Consulting was founded. The idea of the founding partners was to create a high quality offering around corporate finance and consulting services for extraordinary transactions, mainly addressed to small and medium companies. These companies regularly deal with issues relating to growth and quality of transaction advisory services, to protect or generate value from operations.

Motivated by the high quality delivery offering and a problem solving approach, the Epyon founding partners decided to focus on services tailored on their clients’ needs. Focusing  on client’s value generation, Epyon relies on flexibility and experience as key factors for success.

Flexibility means both satisfying the client needs, that may change while services are performed, and avoiding time constraints that usually affect large advisory firms. In growth and restructuring processes, the timetable is often unforeseeable and affected by continuous “stop and go”. In these contexts, Epyon guarantees a continuous assistance along the process, considering the time spent not as constrain but a partner to reinforce a long term relationship with clients.

Experience means Partners, with an extensive experience both in Epyon and primary international consultancy firms, directly involved in the field-work. Each engagement is performed by high experienced Partners supported, if needed, by selected senior resources.

From 2013 Epyon is an EU trademark. In 2014, the Epyon Founding Partners decided to widen the range of services provided, also establishing Epyon Audit, an audit firm that provides Statutory Audit, Internal Audit and Agreed Upon Procedures in various contexts (litigation, IPOs, IFRS conversion)