Valuation, Business Analysis & Planning

Business Plan preparation and review
We provide assistance in preparing or reviewing the business plan of our clients or target companies to be acquired. We analyze revenue projections compared to market trends and the consistency between revenues growth and cost structure evolution. We undertake the analysis of different market scenarios determining, through a statistical approach, the key drivers of the business evolution.


Market analysis
We provide assistance in gathering and analyzing market data: market size, segmentation, competitors market share, prices and their evolution.


Financial modeling
We provide assistance in the preparation of complex financial models. These models are utilized to simulate different scenarios, to perform sensitivity analyses and to assess projects’ profitability.


Appraisals for tax purposes
In the context of reorganization operations (going concern acquisitions, sale of subsidiaries), our professionals prepare the appraisals supporting these transactions, so that reliability around tax and balance sheet aspects is ensured. These services allow the client to understand the key factor in the reorganization process.


Appraisals for accounting purposes

We prepare appraisals in the context of the financial statements closing process: purchase price allocation, impairment test, stock option plan. Furthermore, we provide assistance to value intangible assets (patents, brands, licenses, goodwill, etc.) for sale purposes or for protecting your rights.