Transaction Support & Advisory Services

Growth through acquisitions

We assist the client in each phase of the acquisition process, through the analysis of all economic and financial aspects of the transaction: buy-side due diligence, market studies, business plan preparation, enterprise valuations, assistance in share purchase agreement negotiations, business integration and management of post-acquisition fulfillments.


Disposal of corporates, going concerns or assets

In the context of a disposal process, we support the client in identifying the project’s preliminary risks and opportunities, and subsequently in carrying out the economic and financial analyses required to finalize the deal: transaction perimeter definition (companies’ perimeter or assets carve-out), historical performance analyses, business plan or vendor due diligence preparation. We can also assist the client in preparing and coordinating the set of information to be provided to potential acquirers.


Merger & Acquisition

Epyon provides assistance along the entire disposal process, up to the deal closing, managing all the parties involved (lawyers, auditors, business consultants, counterparty’s consultants). Particular care is dedicated to the negotiation phase, in order to maximize client’s objectives and ensure confidentiality. Epyon may also assist clients in managing complex financial operation, conceiving optimized capital structures.


Financial control

We support companies in improving and enhancing the control process they have in place to direct, monitor and measure their resources, including the valuation of the controlled entities and the assessment of the related operating and business risks. In case of financial difficulties/distress, we help to perform a detailed diagnosis supporting you in elaborating a reorganization plan (i.e. restructuring, sale) and implementing it.


Economics and financials in litigation contexts

Together with your lawyers and your legal counsel, we support clients in the analysis of the economic, accounting and financial aspects of a share purchase agreement and/or potential post-acquisition disputes.


Complex projects

When a deal structuring requires specific accounting and financial expertise, we render professional services, such as the analysis of long-term construction works, financial modeling, lease-back or asset financing structuring, outsourcing.