Restructuring Services and Asseverazioni (Statement ex bankruptcy law)

Under-performing business diagnostic

We provide analysis of the financial status of a business, related market, future perspectives in order to understand the causes and magnitude of the under-performance.


Independent Business Review (IBR)

In the context of debt negotiations with the banking system, Epyon provides assistance through an Independent Business Review. These comprehensive analyses of the historical and forecast performances allow Management and banks to understand the reasons of the distress and determine the basis for a debt restructuring.


Assistance to Management and shareholders of a company in financial distress
We support Management to understand the reasons underlying the financial distress through an independent diagnosis of historical, current and forecast performances. We provide assistance to find solutions and to take decisions in complex financial distressed situations that rapidly change.


Assistance to management in liquidity crisis situations and in negotiations with banks
We support Management in the context of a financial distress that moves fast toward to a liquidity crisis. We prepare monitoring systems for the short term financing, such as the “13 weeks short-term cash flow”. Further, we provide assistance in preparing the business plan and the Financial Restructuring Plan to be submitted to banks for debt restructuring purposes, under the provisions of articles 67 or 182 of the bankruptcy law.


Post-restructuring monitoring

For banks or for Management, we carry out periodical monitoring activities of the company’s key performance indicators (Business Monitoring Tools) in order to make Management and creditors comfortable around business plan objectives achievement.


Epyon partners are endowed with law requirements to prepare statements (Asseverazioni) required by article 67 of the Italian bankruptcy law. Furthermore, Epyon team members have a wide experience in international accounting firm (Big Four) and have adequate knowledge in auditing and business plan review, both essential for this service.